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Select Catering consultancy consult in the following sectors:

Whatever your catering requirements, Select Catering Consultancy has a fundamental belief that every client is unique. We approach every opportunity with an open mind, listening to your objectives and challenges and then translating these into a structured plan specific to you. 

We measure our success through the achievement of these which often include improvement in quality, increased sales, profit improvement and reduction of costs.

Drawing on our experience and the knowledge gained throughout all sectors of the catering and hospitality industry we create fresh solutions that will make a positive impact on your business.

Education Catering Consultancy

We offer consultancy services to state schools and academies, Independent schools, colleges and universities.

There is an ever increasing focus on education catering. We understand the importance of healthier diets and life choices, added value service that add to the overall education experience and we also understand the pressures our clients are under to meet their financial obligations. 

Our approach will help you meet all of the challenges faced ensuring a successful, viable service that appeals to parents, pupils and has a positive financial impact.

Workplace Catering & Hospitality

As companies strive to attract and retain the best employees. if managed effectively food and drink plays an important role and will be perceived as an attractive benefit.

We will work with you to design a catering strategy that is cost effective, on-trend and ensures that your on-site catering becomes a destination of choice for employees. As part of our engagement process we will establish:

  • Who are the customers  and what are their requirements?

  • What is the optimal price point?

  • What are the key opening times?

  • Is the current facility fit for purpose or if building a new facility how much space is available?

  • What are and how can your financial objectives be met?

  • Is it time to go to market and review your catering provider/outsource and help to mange the process.

Stadia & Venue

It is crucial your loyal fans and hospitality & events guests remember their experience for all the right reasons. It's about the whole match day experience.

Our straightforward strategy will address key factors surrounding your catering including:

  • Profitability

  • Innovation

  • Maximising footfall to grow sales

  • Training and support

  • Quality

We can also assist with the search and appointment of a catering partner that is the right fit, managing the process form start to finish


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